Accounting and payroll in the Czech Republic

ADMIO provides accounting and payroll services in the Czech Republic since 2006. Trading companies with lots of cross-border movement of goods and services are our main specialisation. Communication in fluent English is an integral part of our day-to-day work, next to German and Italian. Our offices are based in Prague and Brno.


If you or your customers have companies in the Czech Republic and/or the neighbouring countries and need accounting services or other business administration services, we can help, starting from a local company formation through day-to-day administration jobs to tax matters or auditing.

If you are opening a branch office in the Czech Republic, we have turnkey solutions for all of your taxes, banking and local regulations compliance needs.

If you or your customer need to execute a business transaction in the Czech Republic and/or another country in Central Europe and need assistance, ADMIO can participate in or supervise its smooth development.