5 Advantages of Virtual Offices

Imagine a world where you don´t have to be physically present in your office but someone still answers your phone calls, postal service is taken care of and all of that with financial cost near to nothing. It does seem odd, a bit like entering the Matrix and in some sense it may be so. Welcome to the modern world and enter into virtual office with your assistants. Virtual office is a place that exists only in cyberworld for companies that don´t have its own office or are operating from foreign countries and need registered office for their business (which is obligatory for incorporation). It goes hand in hand with several advantages.

1) Money – You can lease office on prestigious address but it is going to cost you rather large amount of money. On the other hand, if you choose to have virtual office in the very same building, you´ll end up with much more money in your pocket and with the same address. Tell me it doesn´t sound good.

2) No commute time – Preferably this one is more for companies or businessmen working from abroad. It saves both of essentials – time and money. Nevertheless, should you need to summon a meeting for your colleagues, majority of virtual offices will provide you with their own conference room for a certain amount of time a month. Flexibility is an added bonus.

3) Virtual assistant – Professional always available to take care of your contracts, book keeping or managing e-mails. It´ll make you more effective and productive once you delegate your work to others.

4) Environmental approach – While employees of other companies leave their carbon footprint unless they´re walking or cycling to the workplace you can take more eco approach with renting a virtual office. And that appeals to customers and even investors. Having environmentally friendly company speaks volumes for itself.

5) Professional service – Not only you can choose an address of the office all around the globe which looks good on a business card but also work with people skilled in the field and again – you can choose from professionals globally which broadens your horizons.

I could list even more benefits: you jump in already set up offices without having to worry with furnishing one, less stress level, more work-life balance etc. It has, of course, its pros and cons just like everything else and you have to choose wisely if it satisfies your needs and wants. Virtual office with its own assistant is perfect solution for companies that are in process of establishing business in foreign countries as well as for businessmen who want to spend their money on conducting an actual business rather than office leasing. At the end of the day, it really doesn´t sound bad, does it?

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